We love this book!

Published by O’Brien Press in 2015, this book came out just as we bought the cottage and was given to us by a friend.

It is an inspirational book with photos and information about cottages from all around Ireland.

As the author Emma says at the beginning of the book: ‘Nothing matches the feeling of warmth and comfort that comes from three-foot-thick clay walls and a two-foot-thick natural roof, keeping in the heat of your blazing stove, or knowing that your two hundred-year-old house has stood for so many years.’ We ageee wholeheartedly!

The book has a section exploring the history of thatch in Ireland with technical details of how this type of roofing is carried out.

The remainder of the book takes you on a tour of thatched buildings throughout Ireland. This was particularly useful to use when we were making decisions to do with the exterior of our cottage and the surrounding land and outbuildings.

Highly recommended!

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