On this site we write about our experiences restoring a thatched cottage near Headford, Co. Galway.

We are both from Dublin but now live in London. We always dreamed of owning our own place back in Ireland and then completely surprised ourselves by falling in love with this thatched cottage in Galway and decided to take the plunge.

We put this website together to document the process we went through and to help others working on similar projects.

We’d love to hear your comments or about your adventures with thatched cottages if you’d like to get in touch.

You can find us on Instagram @thatchedireland and Facebook @thatchedcottageireland

All the best,

Audrey and Philip

When not at the cottage:

Audrey is an Interior Designer and hosts a podcast called The DnA of Home Interiors.

Philip is the founder of Iceberg Audio and makes audio software for music producers.