At Christmas our builder Tom called around to chat about the project. Sitting at the kitchen table he surprised us by saying ‘Christy and the digger are free tomorrow, how about we start on site? It would be great to get a few days in while you are here.’ And so we were off!

Our Christmas trip to the cottage was the one time we thought it would be difficult to make much progress with the project, but before we knew it Christy had arrived and started clearing us a driveway as we almost had the car stuck in mud the day before.


Then digging moved to the back, clearing away the overgrowth and we were finally able to get a sense of how big the gardens would be. This had been difficult to judge before as they were inaccessible.


Top of the list was to finally assess the septic tank and the pipework so the guys traced the pipework and started to dig it out.


It had been a a struggle to walk around the land at the rear of the cottage, it had been so overgrown and full of rocks.


It was great to finally get started and see more of the surrounding landscape emerge.